NSS and RED CROSS Youth Wing

ಎನ್ಎಸ್ಎಸ್ ಮತ್ತು ರೆಡ್ ಕ್ರಾಸ್ ಯೂತ್ ವಿಂಗ್

Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering, Mysuru


The NSS (National Service Scheme) at VVCE (Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering) is a dynamic and integral part of the college's commitment to social responsibility and community engagement. The NSS unit at VVCE aligns with the broader objectives of the NSS, a flagship program initiated by the Government of India to inculcate the values of social service, community development, and national integration among the youth. The NSS unit at VVCE operates with a mission to develop a sense of social responsibility, civic consciousness, and compassion among the student community. Its core objectives include Community Service, Skill Development, Awareness Campaigns and Cultural Exchange.


Build the youth with the mind a​nd spirit to serve society and work for the social uplift of the downtrodden masses of our nation as a movement.